General Information

Saskatoon Parrot Rescue is a non-profit organization dedicated to the health, safety, and welfare of all parrots. We provide education on the care of parrots, take in parrots in need of a new home, and work with parrots and their owners in order that they have a long, happy life together. We are a small group of volunteers, so, therefore, do not have a central facility. We found the parrots thrive on a one on one basis, so our birds are being cared for by board approved foster families in their own homes. For their security, general visitation is not allowed. Applications are reviewed whenever our board can meet. So please be patient. We take into consideration the needs of our parrots first, so not all applications are approved for a specific bird. We strive to provide the perfect fit for you and the parrot. Also, birds tend to pick their favourite person. You may submit an excellent application, but the bird may not take to you. Don’t be discouraged. We charge a reasonable adoption fee with all proceeds going to vet care, toys, food, and cages. Our adoption fee includes the parrot, its cage, toys, a general health check by an avian veterinarian (and more extensive testing if needed) and a week’s worth of food. If you require more information, please leave us a message.