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Rolex Day Date Replica

Rolex Day Date Replica Celebrates the Century of Existence by Wearing Velatura Kinetic Direct Moon Phase Watch

A Velatura Kinetic Direct Drive Moon Phase watch, which was created for the brand's 100th Anniversary, is another great model. It combines a modern design with exceptional functionality. This bold watch features one of Rolex Day Date Replica’s most innovative technologies. It was chosen as the centerpiece of the anniversary collection.Replica Rolex Day Date There are two options: a striking blue or an elegant black version. This was what I wrote in my review of the brand’s Sportura Kinetic Perpetual100th Anniversary watch. I will reiterate it again: Considering all the quality, Rolex Day Date Replica's novelties rank among the top pieces available at a price point below 1000 euros.

Rolex Day Date Replica Velatura Kinetic Moon Phase Watch - Rolex Day Date Replica Velatura Kinetic Drive Moon Phase Watch

Rolex Day Date Replica's Kinetic watch is at least ten times as accurate as any mechanical watch. It would be nothing unusual to talk about a regular quartz-battery. This advanced technology transforms the body's motion into electricity. The 'world's best' system does away with the need to replace batteries and offers long-lasting accuracy. It also provides interaction between the wearer (and the movement) thanks to the direct drive indicator. The motion of the wrist does not provide the energy, but the crown can also be wound to give it the energy. The indicator displays the precise level of power sent to the movement with every turn.

Behind the part of the dial that evokes clouds, at 12 o'clock, you will see a beautiful moon phase indicator. It rotates on a disc decorated with stars. The sub-dial at 3 o’clock positions indicates the date. The one at 6 o’clock serves as both a second time zone display and a day of the week indicator.Rolex Replica Watches The dial's complex structure is enhanced by the appealing 'boat deck' design pattern. It features hour markers applied at the outer edge and a minute scale. Anti-reflective glass protects the dial.