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Replica Rolex Explorer

This bright blue model is the most unique and interesting in Replica Rolex Explorer's 2013 edition. It was inspired by the sea and Shonan, and is the most original and distinctive. The SH Special Model (ref. The SH Special Model (ref. SCQE001), was made exclusively for the Japanese market. It has the initials of Replica Rolex Explorer President Shinji Hattori. This makes it extremely valuable for collectors. It is truly amazing, with a variety of symbols that have a funny and relaxing appearance, on both sides.

This watch's first distinctive feature is the deep blue dial. It recalls sky and sea. You can also enjoy the Shonan beach just an hour south of Tokyo. The horizon is represented by the central line that runs across the dial. The dial is made of blue mother-of pearl and features only Roman numerals. There's also a small seconds sub-dial at 6 o’clock. A polished 18-karat white gold bezel frames the striking replica watches It is part of a larger 38.5mm case made from the same material. Its small construction of 7.6mm makes it easy to recognize. The case's front is covered with anti-reflective sapphire glass.

Replica Rolex Explorer SH Special Model's case-back features a hand-winding Replica Rolex Explorer caliber 6800 hand-winding mechanism. It is one of the most slimmest mechanisms available, measuring just 1.98mm thick. The brand's original caliber 6800, which was made in 1960s, oscillates at a frequency of 21,600 alternations an hour. Replica Rolex Explorer's craftsmen hand-craft each mechanism. It is quite remarkable.

Its decoration is another surprise. This mechanism has a series of cartoon-style engravings by Japanese artist Kiyoshiterui. They are something very rare in the worlds of horology. These engravings are also reminiscent of the sea and show fish, sharks, and birds.

It is funny that the engraving also features a fish and glasses, which is representative of Mr. Shinji Hattori, the president of the company. The bubble that is above the fish shows a'special thanks' message, which refers the brand's loyal customers. A second 'thank you" note is hidden in production numbers. It sounds almost the same as saying "thank you" in Japanese when you pronounce "39".Franck Muller Swiss Replica This is a cool way to show respect to your customers, since Japanese entertainment has a long history of using words with double meanings.

On the back of the leather bracelet, you will find the names of Shonan beaches. This is the last secret tribute to Japan's'must-see' locations. You may notice that the first letters of these inscriptions are red vertically and spell out "Shinji." This watch can be ordered with either a white or blue Crocodile strap. This model is only available in Japan and costs 2,625,000 Japanese Yuan (around $26,500).