Parrots are complex animals. Just because they spend time in a cage does not mean they are easy to care for! It’s so important to know what you’re getting into, before you adopt a bird. While there are breed specific requirements (like eclectus parrots need very different diets from other birds), there are a lot of things all birds have in common. Parrot ownership is a big responsibility, and because some birds live upwards of 50 years, it’s a commitment you must be willing to make. Some parrot parents need to write their birds in their will! It may sound strange, but it’s something that should be considered when adopting a pet that will most likely live longer than 15 years.

What you’ve heard is true- parrots can scream, bite, and are messy. The truth is that parrots are not domesticated; the majority of parrots in homes across the world today are the grandkids or even the offspring of wild caught parrots. Some birds in homes today were wild caught themselves. Compare this to dogs, who have been domesticated for over 13,000 years! Expecting parrots to bond instantly to their owner, or “behave” indoors isn’t the best way to think when it comes to keeping a parrot in your home; they are essentially all wild animals. This doesn’t mean that birds are “bad” pets! It just means you, as an owner, need to be mindful of why they are behaving the way they are. If you want parrot ownership to be successful, you need to be accommodating of their needs and behaviors.