Donation Items

We often get¬†questions from people about what they can donate for our birds, so we thought we’d compile a list of the most common things that are needed at the rescue!

  • Cages– due to¬†toxicity and health risks, we will not accept rusted cages whatsoever. However, brand new or gently used cages are perfectly acceptable!
  • Pelleted food– we love our trusted brands such as RoudyBush, Harrisons, Zupreem, and Tropican
  • Newspaper
  • Any sized paper bags– these are used to create foraging toys
  • Hemp rope
  • Untreated wood– please ensure that no chemicals or pesticides have come in contact with the wood
  • In shell nuts– no peanuts as they post a mold risk
  • Unsalted out of shell nuts
  • Garden veggies

If you have something you’d like to donate, you can contact us at If you live in Saskatoon and are unable to make the trip to Rosthern, we can make arrangements with one of our several rescue members who live in Saskatoon.