African Grey Parrots can have a lifespan upwards of 60 years!

African Grey Parrots can have a lifespan upwards of 60 years!

We believe each and every bird deserves a loving forever home. Parrots are a serious, long term commitment that shouldn’t be taken lightly. They can live upwards of 80 years, require special diets, and need daily attention; some species need 6 hours of you a day! If a parrot falls ill, it requires a pricey trip to a specialized avian veterinarian. Behavioural problems also can crop up, and parrots have good days and bad days- just like you and I!

Here at the Saskatoon Parrot Rescue, we don’t want to discourage people from getting a feathered friend; we simply believe that education and personal experience and comfort levels are key when it comes to adopting a bird.

Before you adopt, we want to get to know you! We look for things like¬†your past experiences with birds (if any), what your housing situation looks like (Apartment? Children?), and of course, why you’d like a bird in the first place! This isn’t to make life more difficult for you, but rather so that we can get a sense of which of our birds would best suit you. It’s not fair to you, or to the bird, for you to adopt a parrot that is outside your realm of expertise or comfort. If you’re going to adopt, we want everyone to walk away happy!

"The Perfectly Trained Parrot"  by Rebecca O'Connor- a must read!

“The Perfectly Trained Parrot” by Rebecca O’Connor- a must read!

Before you adopt, we recommend checking out the book “The Perfectly Trained Parrot“. It’s an incredibly educational book written by¬†animal trainer, and conservationist, Rebecca O’Connor. We’re a fan of her methods, and we encourage you to pick up a copy! Head on over to our Education page to learn more about birds in general, and pick up some valuable resources from animal experts we trust!