Avian Vet Care


Did you know that parrots need annual vet checks just like dogs and cats? Parrots are professionals at hiding illness, and when they do show signs of illness it is many times too late to treat it. This makes the veterinarian care of a parrot even more critical.  Parrots can also harbor disease, and infect other parrots, and people! We have heard many people say their parrots have never been seen by a vet after years of ownership because they never showed a sign of illness.  But a vet can tell you about things you may not notice or be able to see.

Blood work can tell us a lot about a birds health, as well as a poop smear. Yes I said POOP!!! Poop is a science in the world of parrots, and if there is something you can learn to watch for changes in immediately, it’s their poop!  Changes in poop can be a great way to know your bird may be experiencing changes in their health. Of course this is only a small fragment of what a “parront” should know, but every parront should learn the basics of parrot poopology.

We take veterinarian care very seriously at SPR, and have 4 clinics we work with. Every parrot in our care is seen by one of our fantastic vets! If you are looking for a vet for your own parrot, or for your future parrot we welcome you to contact one of following vets.  Each one of them is amazing, and having the diversity of choice is always a privilege.  Each one is amazing, bringing their own knowledge, and passion to the medical care of parrots at SPR.

There is no particular order to this list of vets. We have had experience with each of the clinics, and have no hesitation recommending either of them with no prejudice. If you know of a vet who sees parrots in Saskatoon, and they are not listed here, please contact us, as that means we haven’t had experience with them. It does not reflect on the quality of their service, knowledge etc…….


Dr. Elizabeth Griebel who we began seeing approximately 3 years ago, and has amazed us with her incredible knowledge, expertise, passion, skills and drive to find answers when a case has been more difficult then normal.  We often refer to her as our “guru”, leading us medically, and being a valuable resource for us.  We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Dr. Elizabeth Griebel at Lawson Heights Animal Hospital. Their contact information is as follows:

227 Primrose Dr Ste 120
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, S7K 5E4



Dr. Cairo Parker who has been a driving force and leader in our medical team for the parrots at SPR. Dr Parker is a very knowledgeable, passionate, skillful, resourceful and all around amazing veterinarian. She has been there for the birds at SPR on a number of occasions with very short notice and always eager to help. Saskatoon is very lucky to have her! Dr. Parker is at Westward Animal Hospital and would be happy to meet your parrot. We invite you to take a tour of their website, and meet the wonderful Dr. Cairo Parker!




Dr. Dennilyn Parker leading the amazing team of exotic vet students at the University of Saskatchewan’s Small Animal Clinic.  Dr. Parker is currently the ONLY board certified avian veterinarian in Saskatchewan.  She oversees all the exotic cases of parrots, and is relied upon by all of the veterinarians for her expertise.  The students we have seen at the UofS small animal clinic have all been very thorough, knowledgeable, resourceful, caring, passionate and skillful. The UofS students have saved the lives of emergency cases with SPR in the past, and we would not hesitate to recommend the UofS small animal clinic.  For ALL complex cases in Saskatchewan for parrots, they are referred to the UofS. We are proud to have the teaching hospital available to our “parronts”.  The UofS does offer an emergency after hours care for parrots. Please visit their website for further information, or call the clinic if you have any further questions.



Dr. Yvonne Tiessen at All West Vet Clinic we met at the beginning of our days of becoming “parronts”. Dr. Tiessen is a gentle, kind and caring vet who is knowledgeable, passionate and resourceful. She has helped us with a number of our SPR parrots, and we highly recommend her. We encourage you to visit their website, and contact the clinic for any further questions that you may have.