Birds for Adoption

Below is a list of our rescue birds that we feel are ready for adoption. It’s important to take into consideration the birds personalities, quirks, and needs; as well as your own personal wants and limitations. Feel free to stop by our Adoption and Education pages to learn more about our adoption process, and general bird education! If you decide you would like to adopt one of our parrots looking for their forever home, please fill out and submit our Adoption Application to begin the adoption process.



Hi, my name is Olive; I am a sweet and loving Quaker! I also had a cockatiel friend from the same home, and he has been adopted by a new family; he’s really happy! My foster mom has taken very good care of me, I could not ask for a better foster home! She has taught me that food like bananas, strawberries, grapes, and carrots are actually good for me.

When I came to SPR everyone thought I had this collar on because my plucking was due to behavior, well….. they found out different. I was fed seeds for many years, and now I have kidney disease. These people at SPR decided to take me to the vet, have me tested just in case, and found out my secret…. so now I get a special diet!

If you want to meet me, please let the people of SPR know!

Thanks so much,






Hey everyone! My name is Einstein and I am approximately 10 years old, and am a happy-go-lucky Senegal parrot. Make no mistake, they call me Einstein for a reason; I am just that smart!!

It wasn’t very long ago that I came to SPR, and I am making it known that I feel pretty comfy here. Wooden toys are my passion, and I love to rip them apart and try to make toothpicks!! If someone starts singing, I will dance like no one is watching!

I love to eat! Chop and fresh foods are my favorites, but I eat my pellets too. But, if I catch you opening the fridge and you don’t get something for me, well, I might just have to remind you that Einstein needs something too!!

Sometimes, when I’m unsure, I put on a front and act like I’m tough, but really, I’m just a sweetie!

If you would like to meet me and become my forever home, please contact SPR, I know I would love to meet you too!





Good day everyone. My name is Arty, I am a 2 year old green cheek conure, who came to SPR in November of 2015. I have a vibrant personality, and love to mimic people!! Dancing is a big hit for me, and if you feel you don’t have moves, well, I can teach you ☺

I might take some time to learn to trust you, but I promise I will be your best friend in the whole wide world! Shoulders are great places for riding, but I have learned that hands are just fine too ☺ My favorite things to play with are my green hanging ball, and I love to swing on my wooden swing.

I came eating a seed diet, and I have changed to chop and pellets. At first I wouldn’t consider eating the chop, and now I love it!! Plus I have figured out that pellets are good too ☺

If you are interested in meeting me please let the people of SPR know. I am happy to meet you too!! Who knows, maybe we will hit it off?



Say Hello to Chichi! She is a 5 year old bare-eyed cockatoo that came to us in fall. Chichi had an amazing lady save her from neglect, and Chichi also had physical abuse in her background.

But, birds don’t live in the past like we humans have a tendency of doing, and Chichi has moved on past those days. The lady that saved her worked with her for a year constantly, and provided her with a lot of love, guidance, trust and respect. She showed Chichi it was possible to believe in humans again. As a result, Chichi began showing her beautiful personality again.
Chichi is very much like a high energy 2 ot 3 year old. She needs a lot of activities, and loves to be the center of attention. Dancing is her specialty, and any music suits her just fine as long as it has a beat lol.

She has the cutest little “hmmm” that she says to people as she talks to them, but her vocabulary hasn’t expanded very much. Chichi does have a call that is louder as well, but not a scream either. She uses that when she wants attention, and is continuing to learn it doesn’t get a response, so it’s settling down.

Chichi considers her cage her space, and doesn’t like anyone in it at this point. But once she comes out she’s just fine. We have respected her decision, as she is fully cooperative when she comes out on her own.

Chichi is not trusting of small children, and in the best interests of both Chichi and prospective families, SPR will not consider any family with children for her adoption. Chichi is also not fond of many other birds, and as such it would be best for Chichi to be the queen of her castle.

She is a total love bug, and loves to just sit and hang out with someone, play and dance.

If you would like more information about chichi please contact us



Skeeter is an 11 year old noble macaw, and a sweetheart that would like nothing more then to hang out on some lucky person all day. He’s a little apprehensive at first, but in time comes around and will be someone’s best friend. He’s a little protective of his favorite person, but when that person isn’t around he shows his affection to whoever is present. He has scissor beak issue which requires a little extra care (trims approx every 4 to 5 months).  The vet figures it’s either from incorrect hand feeding when he was little, or an injury that wasn’t treated. Skeeter is very inquisitive about what you are doing, and loves to take part in all activities once he gains trust. He is good with both men and women, and will choose his favorite person based on time spent with him.


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Eeyore is a beautiful double yellow headed amazon who was very misunderstood. He was going to be put down due to being aggressive, but kind-hearted couple saved him from that fate. He has a fear of hands due to a history of being chased around his cage, and his decisions were not respected. He was forced to do what people wanted him to do when they wanted him to do it. We have respected that and haven’t forced him to do what he is not comfortable doing. Earning this guy’s trust is paramount in winning his heart. He loooves his treats and as soon as he sees the container being picked up, the excitement builds for him and he eagerly awaits their arrival! He is happy to just sit on his cage and watch the world.



Hi. My name is Gizmo. I’m a Red Lored amazon, and at least 25 years old they tell me. Once I know a person, I love to be scratched on my head, feet and beak. It feels super good!! I’ll follow you around, just like a puppy, as I want to be part of everything you do. I’m missing a toe, I haven’t told anybody how it happened, but I don’t let it stop me from doing anything. The vet said I’m healthy, and I’m sure I am with all the good food I love to eat. Chop is one of my favorites!
I feel that cell phones destroy families, so I try to destroy cell phones at any given opportunity. Because I consider myself mature, I do not like kissy/sucky noises being made at me… That being said, once I have full trust in my person they can give me a kiss (without noise) on my head. I am seeking a forever home for the next 30 plus or so years of my life, and am looking for that special someone to share it with.